A Layer 3 protocol to enable interoperability between Metaverses.

Launch a wearable collection in the Multiverse.


Metaverse - Multiverse

So many metaverses, but no interoperability. With Metalinq you can launch NFT wearables across multiple platforms.

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Wait! What? I can't do that?

Imagine that you just bought a pair of Nike Air Jordans. You leave the Nike store wearing your new Jordans, and you walk down the road. You look great!

You then arrive in front of the adidas store. You try to walk into the store, but suddenly you're stopped because your Nike Air Jordans aren't compatible in the adidas environment. WTF right? But this is the problem with the many metaverses today.

And that's why Metalinq was born: wearables and digital assets should work across all available metaverses.

Introducing the Metalinq Protocol

Metalinq is the first Layer 3 protocol to allow projects to launch new wearable collections across multiple metaverses simultaneously.

The protocol will allow users to transfer existing assets across platforms by focusing on interoperability and remaining blockchain agnostic.

It will also allow NFT degens to track their wearables across all platforms, chains and wallets.

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BLVCK PARIS is a luxury lifestyle brand known for its ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories, and leather goods. Blvck recently launched their Blvck Genesis NFT collection which consists of NFT 9,999 avatars. We are partnering with Blvck to create interoperable NFT wearables, which will be available across multiple metaverse platforms.


We have partnered with Oxya Origin an innovative blockchain play-and-earn Open World game, taking place in a dystopian galaxy. The Oxya team is composed of an ever-growing, ambitious band of creatives and entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in various fields shaping the future of Web 3.


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